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API 6A Choke Valves Manufacturer

Mar. 23, 2022

Adjustable choke & Positive choke valves are often used in the oilfield when drilling, testing, production our adjustable choke valve is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard and improved from customer feedback. They are easy for operation and simple to maintain.

API 6A Choke Valves Manufacturer


Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A.

Flow adjustment is indicated on a measuring scale.

Maximized valve service life.

Carbide alloy is embedded into stem needle of valve, seat.

The stem packing is a re-energize while the valve in under pressure.

Critical application from 2000 psi to 15000 psi pressure.

API 6A Choke valve feature

Seat and valve needle of API 6A Choke valve made by hard alloy, which improves the corrosion resistance, flushing resistance performance.

API 6A Choke valve is Small impaction and nosie of fluid.

The stem is self locking energizing seal, API 6A Choke valve is reliable sealing performance.


Positive API 6A Choke Valve Feature:

1) Material of throttle nozzle made of ceramics or hard alloy.

2) Controlling the flow rate by replacing the throttle nozzle of different sizes.

Cage API 6A Chock Valve Feature:

1) The torque of Cage type choke valve is small torque, it can both adjust and cut off the fluid etc.

2) Barrel type, wedge type and orifice type are mainly applied for choke manifold.

Adjustable API 6A Chock Valve Feature:

1) Needle type chock valve is mainly applied for Christmas tree assembly.

API 6A Choke Valves Manufacturer

Material Specification

All Body, Bonnet and END & Outlet Connections shall be fabricated from the material which shall conform to the anufacturers Written Specifications which shall include minimum requirement for:

Tensile Strength:483 to 655 Mpa
Yield Strength:248 to 517 Mpa
Hardness:56 HRB to 92 HRB
Impact Strength:15 Ft. lbf
Elongation:15% Minimum
Impact Strength:20% Reduction of area (Minimum )

Yulin Machinery is a professional manufacturer of API 6A Wellhead Equipment, API6A Gate Valves, Choke Valves, Check Valve, Ball Valves, DEMCO Gate Valve, Plug Valves, Blowout Preventers(BOPs), Choke & Kill Manifolds, Flowline products, etc. Aside from the API 6A Choke Valves, we also offer the External Sleeve Chokes, Cage & Plug Type Choke, Angle Type Choke and Drilling Choke with Hydrualic Actuator.

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