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Ram blowout preventer with hydraulic starting and closing side door

It is the most popular well mouth safety equipment among the same kinds.

Product Description

Product Description

Ram Blowout Preventer Description

On the basis of integrating the advantages of manufacturers and on-site use, we have designed and produced the hydraulic blowout with hydraulic starting and closing side door, which has a more stable and convenient function in comparison to the common ellipse (U-shaped) shutter hydraulic blowout preventer. During the process of starting and closing the side door,the hydraulic pressure can be used, which reduces the labor force of the workers dramatically, changes shutter more quickly and effectively enhances the working efficiency. It is the most popular well mouth safety equipment among the same kinds.

Ram Blowout Preventer

ModelDrift diameter(MM)Working Pressure(MPa/psi) StrengthTesting Pressure(MPa/psi)HydraulicControlPressure(MPa/psi)PistondriftDiameter(L)Open-cavity  volume of  fuel tank( L)  Close-cavity  volume of  fuel tank( L)  Locking styleWight(Kg)Dimensions(mm)L   W   HConnection  StyleUpper      lower
FZ18-70179.470/10000105/150008.4-10.5/1200-15002002X2.752X2.75    Manual12602100 510 761Flange  Flange
2FZ18-70179.470/10000105/150008.4-10.5/1200-15002004X2.754X2.7523502100 510 1081Flange  Flange
FZ18-105179.4105/15000157.5/225008.4-10.5/1200-15002502X72X725201976 690 858Flange  Flange
2FZ18-105179.4105/15000157.5/225008.4-10.5/1200-15002504X74X745901976 690 1278Flange  Flange
FZ28-105279.4105/15000157.5/225008.4-10.5/1200-15003402X342X3470573314 1001 1140Flange  Flange
2FZ28-105279.4105/15000157.5/225008.4-10.5/1200-15003404X344X34129003314 1001 1705Flange  Flange
FZ35-35346.135/500070/100008.4-10.5/1200-15002202X82X8.523302874 790 580Threaded  Flange
2FZ35-35346.135/500070/100008.4-10.5/1200-15002204X84X8.542002874 790 1040Flange  Flange
FZ35-105346.1105/15000157.5/225008.4-10.5/1200-15003403742102003750 1108 1365Flange  Flange
2FZ35-105346.1105/15000157.5/225008.4-10.5/1200-15003402X372X42168003750 1108 2045Flange  Flange

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