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Spinning Wrenches

SSW40 spinning wrench is applicable to drill pipes and drill collars of 3 1/2—9 1/2’’.

Product Description

SSW40 spinning wrench is applicable to drill pipes and drill collars of 3 1/2—9 1/2’’. It is mainly composed of two symmetrical components, each of which drives the gear transmission through air motor and drives the wheel rotation. Operate the air valve with air spring to make the wheel compress the drill pipe; Control the air motor valve handle, and start the left and right motors. The motors drive respective drive wheel through left and right reduction units. Due to the friction torque, the drill pipe rotates, and the pipe screw thread rotates in or out. The opening of wrench can adapt pipes of different diameters through adjustment without need for exchange of wheel, which makes manufacturing ,application and maintenance more convenient. The spinning wrench is a kind of wheel-type spinning tool. Compared with traditional chain wrench , the spinning wrench boasts the advantages of large speed, no slippery and no damage to drill pipe , and can be used in oil and mud environment, with the advantages of safety and reliability .

The brake torque of SSW40 wrench is 1100ft-lbs(1490Nm), and the in and out spinning speeds are large. During the tripping operation, SSW40 wrench substitutes the spinning rope ( spinning chain). So as to make the spinning operation safe and reliable , reduce the labor intensity of drillers and promote the tripping speed. The air motor in the spinner can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, which coring and treatment of drilling troubles more convenient. 

Main Technical Parameters

1. Applicable pipe diameter:  drill pipes and drill collars of 3 1/2—9 1/2’’ (89—241mm);

2. Operating pressure :90—120 PSI (0.62—0.83Mpa)

3. Air consumption: 250cfm (32m/min);

4. Spinning speed : 0—120 r/min (5’’ Drill pipe )

5. Brake torque : 1100ft—lbs ( 1493Nm) (5in  drill pipe )

6. Weight : 850lbs (385kg)

7. Overall dimension: 1315 x 570 x 570 mm

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