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Wellhead Valves


What are wellhead valves?


Wellhead valves are on/off controls used in oil and gas well drilling, completion and production. Mainly located in two positions on conventional wellhead assemblies; in the wing position of the casing head, casing spool or tubing spool, they are designed to operate in a fully open or fully closed position. A gate valve consists of a valve body, a valve seat and disc, a main shaft, a gland and a wheel for operating the valve. Gate valves are not throttle valves and should never be used for throttling. 


Different types of wellhead valves:


Wellhead valves can be divided into two main types: parallel and wedge. Parallel gate valves use a flat gate between two parallel seats, and the popular type is the knife gate valve designed with a sharp edge on the bottom of the gate.



Features of wellhead valves:


1. The gate valve family allows and closes every operation of wellheads, Christmas tree systems, and choke and kill manifolds—from drilling and completion capping to production.

2. Provides unprecedented safety and different pressure sealing by ensuring air tightness.

3. Advanced coating prevents high wear, corrosion resistance and low coefficient of friction for low operating torque.

4. Meets stringent requirements and passes Fire Test, Mortar Test, Extended Low Air Pressure Test, Durability Cycling Test and Seawater Corrosion Test.

5. Simplified design, not only is smaller and lighter for more cost savings, but also provides parts interchangeability to simplify inventory requirements.

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