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Frac Tree Equipment

Mar. 23, 2022

The Concept of Frac Tree Equipment:

The frac tree is an important part of the fracturing equipment, which is mainly composed of multiple fracturing gate valves and fracturing heads.

Frac Tree Equipment

Features of Frac Tree Equipment:

It is input into fracturing head through several fracturing manifolds. It is input into fracturing gate valves to perform fracturing production. It controls medium access through fracturing gate valve switch. Now, the fracturing tree manufactured by Saigao has a maximum drift of 7-1/16" and a maximum pressure of 20000psi. The main part of our fracturing is fracturing valve which has acquired a patent for national invention and patent for utility model.

Basic Technical Parameters 

Nominal Pressure, psi (MPa): up to 15000 psi (105 MPa)

Environmental Temperature: from -60°С to +40°С

Working Temperature: LU (51℉/-46℃ ~ 250℉/121℃)

Specification level: PSL1 - PSL4

Performance level: PR1 - PR2

Material Class: AA-HH

Temperature API classification: LU and other 

Construction Material: Carbon steel, Low Allow Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Steel 

Code & Standards: API 6A, NACE MR0175, GOST

The Main Role of the Frac Tree Equipment:

Input from multiple fracturing manifolds into the fracturing head, enter the fracturing gate valve, and enter the bottom of the well for fracturing operations. The fracturing gate valve is used to control the fracturing operation.

Fracturing refers to the construction process of forming high pressure in the wellbore to force the formation to form fractures. Usually refers to hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing refers to the application of the principle of hydraulic pressure transmission. The high-pressure working fluid carrying proppant is pumped from the ground to form and maintain fractures in the formation. It is an effective production increase widely used at home and abroad. Injection measures. Due to the high conductivity fractures filled with proppant, it is equivalent to expanding the radius of the wellbore, increasing the leakage area, and greatly reducing the seepage resistance. Therefore, it can greatly increase the production of oil and gas wells, increase the production rate, shorten the production cycle, and reduce production cost.

Frac Tree Equipment

Yulin Machinery designs and supplies quality and cost-effective Frac Tree (Frack Stack) for hydraulic fracturing and flowback operations as per API Spec. 6A Frac Tree Equipment is a special type of oilfield Christmas tress which are designed specifically for hydraulic fracturing and flowback operations. Yulin frac stacks consist of Frac Head (Goat Head), Cross, Upper & Lower Master Valves, Swab Valve, Tree Cap and Hammer Unions.

Yulin ensures quality of the product, quality of cover and painting, quality export sea-worthy packing and marking. Yulin supplies frac trees with maintenance and operational tools, as well as ensures immediate technical services and supply of spares in case of receiving request from the client. Feel free to contact Yulin for technical assistance and quotation for fracking equipment, frac stacks, frac heads, kill and choke manifolds, flowline equipment, flowback equipment, surface well test equipment, as well as other oil & gas production systems. Yulin manufacturing and assembling facilities in China ensures high quality and fast delivery. 

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