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Casting Ram Blowout Preventer

The manufacturing cost is easy to control, the maintenance is simple and the applied scope is wide.

Product Description

The casting blowout preventer is mainly used for drilling and only different shutters are replaced instead of the blow-out preventer during the whole operation process. The side door of the blowout preventer is equipped with hinge base,which makes It convenient to start the side door and change the shutter. Casting blowout preventer refers to the equip - ment for drilling and well control with higher price ratio and it is also your best choice for your work.The shutter adopts the planar square type while the shell is cast generally, with easier processing. The manufacturing cost is easy to control, the maintenance is simple and the applied scope is wide. The concealed oil circuit makes seal-ing safe and reliable.


ModelDrift diameter(MM)Working Pressure(MPa/psi) StrengthTesting Pressure(MPa/psi)HydraulicControlPressure(MPa/psi)PistondriftDiameter(L)Open-cavity  volume of  fuel tank( L)  Close-cavity  volume of  fuel tank( L) Wight(Kg)Dimensions(mm)L   W   HConnection  StyleUpper      lower
FZ35-14346.114/200028/4000    8.4-10.5/1200-15001602X2.82x3.5513602123x709x326Threaded Threaded
FZ23-21 228.6    21/3000    42/60001402X1.962x2.238001726x595x280Threaded Threaded
2FZ23-214X1.964x2.2318001726x595x710Threaded Flange
FZ28-21  279.42202X5.22x618402120x764x573Threaded Flange
2FZ28-214X5.24x636502120x764x1070Threaded Flange
FZ28-213302X132x12.121552448x875x690Flange   Flange
2FZ28-212X5.2(upper)2X13(lower )2x5(upper)2x12.1(lower)38652448x875x800Threaded Threaded
FZ35-21  346.12202x5.852x6.6520202340x750x555Threaded Flange
2FZ35-214x5.854x6.6535162340x844x790Threaded Threaded
FZ35-3535/500052.5/75002502x8.252x8.9533002394x931x930Flange   Flange
2FZ35-7070/10000105/150003404x14.74x16.6119502670x1220x950Threaded Flange

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